The Meeting of the Divinities: Themis and the Autumn season

Nadège Quinssac, is a teacher and passionate about Mythology and Astrology. We'll meet with her each month to learn more about how Antiquity and Modernity are closely linked. We'll discover how ancient Culture is linked to our daily and contemporary life, through...

October’s female archetype: The Sacred Wife, the one who unites

Encountering the female archetypes, an initiatory journey to connect with one's changing cyclical feminine nature. October’s female archetype: The Sacred Wife, the one who unites. The Wife welcomes us at the gates of the autumnal equinox, the passage that symbolizes...

Lessons from Flowers #3: The Dahlia

There is always going to be light and shadow, fear and love, yin and yang and so on – This harmony and sentiment blossoms throughout the symbolism of the Dahlia. The Dahlia can show us the way of looking at the glass ½ full rather than ½ empty. The Dahlia is one of...

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The Beauty of baking bread

The Beauty of baking bread

If there's one thing that almost everyone eats, every day, it has to be bread. This universal food can be found in every country, every culture, and has been a staple of the human diet for thousands of years. Brown, white, whole wheat, whole grain, multigrain, rye,...


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