The Fundamentals to Oracle Card Readings

Oracle cards are a tool to connecting to your inner intuition, interior guidance, softening your physical and ego form, embracing the gentle messages and support that are all around you at every moment. Oracle cards allow you to tune into your inner-love, well-being,...

Welcome Spring – Part 2

Here we are back together to go through Springtime with an adapted diet and a harmonizing ritual. Health - Diet In Chinese medicine, Spring is linked to the wood energy, which is linked to the liver and the gallbladder, linked to...

Welcome Spring – Part 1

Every year, spring is the victory of light on the winter night, the moment all starts again, when the energy which has been replenished over months, is ready to spring forth to make life and projects germinate. For your skin, every interseason is a challenge. As an...

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Lessons from Flowers #7: The Iris

Lessons from Flowers #7: The Iris

‘The Song of the Iris Fairy’ I am Iris: I’m the daughter Of the marshland and the water. Looking down, I see the gleam Of the clear and peaceful stream; Water-lilies large and fair With their leaves are floating there; All the water-world I see, And my own face smiles...

The beauty of objects, J for Jarre

The beauty of objects, J for Jarre

To evoke Beauty, Patrick Jouffret, French designer, has chosen to talk about objects created by humans to fulfill their dreams. According to him, beyond fashions and statuses, they make something functional beautiful, mark chapters in our history, and show how our...


We believe that Beauty is able to mend hearts and raise spirits.
We believe that Beauty can be found in every thing and every living being.
We believe that nature is a source of both Beauty and inspiration.
We believe that it is our responsibility to sow Beauty all around us.
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