Exploring our inner ecology – Chapter 4: Taking care of our Air element, freedom

Earth, Water, Fire, Air or Ether, each month we will meet to explore one of the elements of our inner world, how to identify it, understand it, take care of it with some advice and gentle rituals. To you, the air that sets me in motion and frees me from all my...

July’s female archetype: The Mother, the one who creates life

Female archetypes, an introduction to connecting with your ever-changing, cyclic feminine nature. July's female archetype: the Mother, the one who creates life. Imagine the hot days and those long summer evenings. The sun’s heat on your skin, the colors, the fruits...

The Beauty of objects: I for Insulator

To share his thoughts on Beauty, French designer Patrick Jouffret chose to talk about objects created by humans to fulfill their dreams. For Patrick, these objects go beyond fashion and status. They make something functional beautiful, mark chapters in our history,...

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Dream Interpretation Excerpt

Dream Interpretation Excerpt

Dreams are a mysterious and fascinating world, where the rules and laws of linear time and 3D reality do not exist. Dreams can offer you insight on your own raw and uncensored feelings and life experiences. Dreams are one of the innate doorways to unlocking the...


We believe that Beauty is able to mend hearts and raise spirits.
We believe that Beauty can be found in every thing and every living being.
We believe that nature is a source of both Beauty and inspiration.
We believe that it is our responsibility to sow Beauty all around us.
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