Plume indépendante

Plume indépendante, Clémentine écrit sur les enjeux du monde qui vient et l'innovation, sous toutes ses formes.

Clémentine is an independent writer, she writes about the challenges of the world and innovation in diverse forms.

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Living in harmony : the search of design

Living in harmony : the search of design

From the fifties to the present day, design has brought us modernity through harmonious and optimized goods. A founding figure of industrial design, Raymond Loewy is remembered for his aesthetic of simplicity, still prevailing today. From his vision to a more...

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We believe that Beauty is able to mend hearts and raise spirits.
We believe that Beauty can be found in every thing and every living being.
We believe that nature is a source of both Beauty and inspiration.
We believe that it is our responsibility to sow Beauty all around us.
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