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By the sea, invitation to contemplation

12 December 2020

Enter the world of Louise, a self-taught French-Danish photographer. Through a series of pictures, she invites us to take time and appreciate her daily contemplations. A visual journey that allows us to escape for a moment.

By the sea

Calanques de Port-Miou, Marseille, France. July 2019

Nothing calms me more than seeing the ocean/sea. Even though i’m afraid of deep water and don’t necessarily jump in as the first, the blue changing colors and the sound of the waves coming back and forth on the sand, is soothing for my body.

Santa Barbara, California, USA. May 2017
Falaises d’Etretat, Normandie, France. January 2018
by <a href="https://www.beautytherapyabsolution.com/en/author/louise-skadhauge/" target="_self">Louise Skadhauge</a>

by Louise Skadhauge

Photographe & Fondatrice de Maison Loüno


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