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Morning rituals, invitation to contemplation

12 November 2020

Enter the world of Louise, a self-taught French-Danish photographer. Through a series of pictures, she invites us to take time and appreciate her daily contemplations. A visual journey that allows us to escape for a moment.

Morning rituals

Maison Loüno Magic Cocoa at home.

“Morning rituals are what ground me. They keep me positive and sane when life gets hectic and demanding. They can re-connect me to my life purpose and make everything deep and simple.”

Morning matcha with lion’s mane and maca.
Testing new recipes for Maison Loüno.
Weekend rituals.
Hot cocoa latte with cinnamon and extra chocolate.
by <a href="https://www.beautytherapyabsolution.com/en/author/louise-skadhauge/" target="_self">Louise Skadhauge</a>

by Louise Skadhauge

Photographe & Fondatrice de Maison Loüno


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