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Don’t see eating as a necessity; see it as something to enjoy! Choosing your ingredients, cooking them, sharing your meals with family and friends… Good food can improve your health, balance your mood and even nurture your mind. Learn about different ingredients and how to prepare them, and soon your taste buds will be tingling!

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The benefits of Vitamin C!

The benefits of Vitamin C!

Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid is THE ultimate antioxidant vitamin. Discover its benefits, and as a bonus, I will share with you my recipe to fill up on vitamin C!   Benefits Known for reducing fatigue, I recommend vitamin C to my clients that come and see me...

Grain-free Superfood Coconut Granola

Grain-free Superfood Coconut Granola

Our essential fall recipe, bringing energy and comfort ! This granola doesn’t contain any grains, so it is low in carbohydrates, refined sugar free, gluten free, very easy to digest and full of essential nutrients. It is made of...


We believe that Beauty is able to mend hearts and raise spirits.
We believe that Beauty can be found in every thing and every living being.
We believe that nature is a source of both Beauty and inspiration.
We believe that it is our responsibility to sow Beauty all around us.
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