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Introduction to facial analysis with Julia Edgely, professional homeopath

12 November 2020

Face Analysis is a method of identifying subtitle underlying imbalances in our body which could be contributing to illness. I use facial analysis with each of my patients in clinic. I always stress that Facial analysis is never intended to replace an official diagnosis, but is an important tool to use when treating the body holistically to gain health, wellbeing and vitality.  Have you been diagnosed with migraines and suffer with acne on your cheeks? This means we need to strengthen your lungs which will have a positive impact on your migraine crisis.

The type of facial analysis I use in practice in an amalgamation of my professional experience, facial reflexology, TCM and Ayurveda.

Begin this facial analysis serie with the first episode about the forehead.

by <a href="https://www.beautytherapyabsolution.com/en/author/julia-edgely/" target="_self">Julia Edgely</a>

by Julia Edgely



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